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a few quetions...

what ever happened to the midwest zine fest? it was only put on one year, correct? and does anyone still read this community?

i lived in east lansing, michigan during my college years, but that was almost five years. i'm planning to road trip through some of the midwest in early spring. i was mostly thinking chicago and points north, but i still have a few good friends in michigan and don't know when i'll be back in the region after this trip, so i may go back there too.

anyway, i'm also looking for recommendations on interesting (and cheap) things to do and eat. especially minneapolis, milwaukie, and madison since i'm not at all familiar with those places...have just seen them from the bus. if there's any good resources for finding rides and couches to crash on in those areas, that would be good too. and even rides from chicago to and around michigan could be useful.

oh yeah, i live in portland, oregon these days.
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